The interest in the tourist field and in the communicative and relational affaires, added to the will to develop the territory of Marche Region and especially of our city, Senigallia, induced us to open the doors of our second house to the beautiful human variety, motivated, just like the philosophy of the B&B originally suggested, by the desire of offer a reception able to define the ways and the stiles of the host and, necessarily, of the guest, in a common experiencial interlacting.
We are careful to the values of hospitality and reception - typical traits of our familiy - and we try to offer an alternative way of operate in the tourist sector careful to the needs of our guests. In a period caracterized for the importance of the "independent tourism" or "no mass tourism", period that shows, between the reasons of the tourists, a certain need of authenticity, we are inspired by a logic of relational and reticolar development based on supportableness, on the personification of the offer, on encouraging personal human relations, on the sharing of the experiences and on the cooperation with the others productives subjects that belong to our territory. The disposability towards our guests is conjugated with the discretion and the respect towards their spaces, both garanteed because we live in the ideal proximity with casa fuori casa: near, but not inside.
B&B casa fuori casa develops in a walk-up apartment of about 90 square metres located at second floor of a joint ownership composed by 4 families, with free wifi.
Guests, received in a very personalized ambience that shows the eclectic spirit of the owners of the house, can choose between 3 different rooms (Silvia,Federica e Valentina), each one has got a particular style and different colours.
The bathroom, provided with shower is in common and used only by the guests of the house.
Breakfast is served in the friendly breakfast room, space in common for the guests where it’s also possible to stay for a coffee, a drink or planning itineraries in the Marche, using the numerouses touristic publications, maps and suggestions of entertainment present in the rich and complete library.

Bed and Breakfast casa fuori casa

B&B casa fuori casa

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