Where we are

casa fuori casa family B&B, is located in Senigallia (Bandiera Blu of Europe and bandiera Verde), in the province of Ancona, in a stategic and preferencial location.
It is only 100 metres from the exit of the motorway A14 (in the neighbourhood of the B&B there are a commercial centre, two banks, a gymnasium, a multiplex, a McDonald’s), so stay in casa fuori casa is particularly comfortable for people coming from different directions and for those who, in addition to a sea holiday in the famous "velvet beach", 13 Km long, want to discover the surrounding territory of the Marche Region.
The walled towns around Senigallia like Corinaldo, Ostra, Morro d’Alba, and the cities of art like Ascoli Piceno, Macerata, Urbino, Recanati, Gradara and Loreto, rich of history and memory, are scenaries where culture is still present in all its different expressions: exibitions, concerts, theatre performances and opera.

How to arrive

by car   by train   by aeroplane  

Principals distances from Senigallia

Ancona Km 30

Rimini Km 73

Urbino Km 68

Macerata Km 71

Loreto Km 54

Recanati Km 63

Perugia Km 144

Pesaro Km 24

Roma Km 256